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FSTR-30 Slashes installation time.
30 Minute cure keeps production at peak.

Securing molding and tack strips to concrete floors just got a lot easier and a lot faster. A NEW two-part polyurethane, called FSTR-30 can be dab or bead applied. Cartridge mixed and dispensed, each 300 ml. “Ratio-Pac” will hold about 200 linear feet of tack strip, permanently in place. Carpet can be stretched and installed in 20-30 minutes. FSTR-30 contains no solvents, is odorless self-leveling and has a good open time. This material contains nearly 60% renewable content and qualifies for LEED credits. Stair nosings and transition strips are cemented in place with the same ease. Any unused portion may be resealed for later use. FSTR-30 works great in radiant heat floors where drilling and nails are not allowed. It adheres to almost any substrate including ceramic tile, VCT, wood, metal, and vinyl. FSTR-30 is packaged in 300ml cartridges, 50ml cartridges and 30ml cartridge kits.

See the FSTR-30 tackless strip pull-off test below:
You will actually rip the tacks apart, shred the carpet or pull apart the subfloor before the tackless strip will release from the floor.

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FSTR 30 Minitube FSTR-30 Thin Gel Adhesive in 300ml cartridge. FSTR 30 300ml Kit 8 Pack
FSTR-30 THIN-GEL 300ml Kit 8 Pack
List Price: $175.00
Price: $175.00
Contractor Price $175.00
50ml (25x25ml) minitube of FSTR-30 THIN-Gel Adhesive 300ml (150x150ml) minitube of FSTR-30 THIN-GEL Adhesive.  Requires two component caulking gun 8 Pack of 300ml Kits
FSTR 30 300ml Kit 8 Pack with Gun
FSTR-30 THIN-GEL 300ml Kit 24 Pack + Tool (Contractor Pack)
List Price: $584.00
Price: $480.00
Contractor Price $480.00
24 Pack of 300ml Kits
FSTR-30™ is a two-component hybrid polyurethane adhesive for bonding many types of dissimilar materials together. This material forms a tough shock resistant bond that resists cracking or splitting due to heavy traffic or harsh conditions.

  • Completely cures in 20-30 minutes after application for heavy traffic at 70° F. Will also cure rapidly in subzero environments
  • Thin-gel™ technology mixes easily, tacks quickly and bonds incredibly.
  • Excellent bonding strength in a wide temperature range to concrete, brick, tile, marble, steel, asphalt, vct, wood, polystyrene, wood, and most porous surfaces.
  • Remains flexible.
  • Will not shrink.
  • Will not expand.
  • Absorbs thermal and mechanical shock.
  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • All material is self-mixed and delivered at the point of application. No messy pot-mixing or wasted product.
  • Safe to use. Materials react quickly and are solvent and odor free with 100% solids and no VOC’s. Nonflammable.
  • Removable with an electric heat gun.
  • Self curing, does not need air or moisture to cure.

  • Save labor. Most bonded materials will be ready for use in about 30 minutes after application at 70° F. No waiting hours or days for adhesive to set.
  • Odor free and nonflammable, can be used in a wide range of indoor areas.
  • Easy application. All material is self-mixed with specially designed packaging.
  • Bonded materials stay in place. No lifting or expanding as the material cures.

  • Bond ceramic to marble.
  • Bond stainless steel to wood.
  • Bond to glass
  • Bond to aluminum, brass and copper.
  • Bonding tack strips to concrete or wood floors
  • Bonding carpet moldings to concrete or wood floors.
  • Bonding stair nosings to concrete, wood, or steel stairs.
  • Repairing concrete cracks and spalls.
  • Bond polystyrene foamboard to itself or most anything.

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